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Evernote user 'iwqnna' has created a great javascript tool for importing html bookmarks into Evernote: (description here). Unfortunately it doesn't import the additional notes that can be contained in Google Bookmarks. Do you know how I could modify the javascript import tool to maintain this additional info as well?

In the html file I am importing from (exported from Google Bookmarks) the additional note data comes after the <DD> tag.


<H3 ADD_DATE="1344874450147601">Tag name here</H3>
<DT><A HREF="url 1 here" ADD_DATE="date here">Bookmark 1 name here</A><DD>More detailed note about bookmark 1 here
<DT><A HREF="url 2 here" ADD_DATE="date here">Bookmark 2 name here</A><DD>More detailed note about bookmark 2 here

Additionally, although the existing tool successfully imports notes into Evernote desktop, there seem to be some issues with syncing notes imported via this script. The activity log says:


21:13:41 [576] 86% Skipping note "note name here" flagged as unsyncable (0x4) local flags (ENML_VALIDATION)

Any ideas? This is the closest I've come to a satisfactory import solution when running Windows, and I'd really appreciate some help clearing the last hurdle. Many thanks.

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