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I am programing under C++, MFC, windows.

I want to delete a folder into recycle bin. How can I do this?

	CString filePath = directorytoBeDeletePath;
	TCHAR ToBuf[MAX_PATH + 10];
	TCHAR FromBuf[MAX_PATH + 10];
	ZeroMemory(ToBuf, sizeof(ToBuf));
	ZeroMemory(FromBuf, sizeof(FromBuf));

	lstrcpy(FromBuf, filePath);

	FileOp.hwnd = NULL
	FileOp.pTo = NULL;

Any thing wrong with the code above? It always failed.


I found the problem: filePath should be : "c:\abc" not "c:\abc\"

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The return value from SHFileOperation is an int, and should specify the error code. What do you get?

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i know it is not the right way but if you cant find a solution you can try this..

download file nircmd.exe or another exe that can empty recycle bin.

then you call these functions by system("nircmd.exe emptybin")

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Thanks very much ~~~~ –  user25749 Aug 10 '09 at 10:50

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