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I have a JSP page main.jsp and in that page I want to include a Facelets page menu.xhtml. How can I achieve this? I have searched a lot and there does not seem to be any way.

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Take a look at this: stackoverflow.com/questions/7220275/… –  Sayem Ahmed Sep 22 '12 at 8:03

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That's not possible. Facelets (XHTML) is basically the successor of JSP and is supposed to be used as a replacement of JSP. You should migrate all your legacy JSP pages to modern Facelets. Then you can use Facelets' <ui:include> to include another Facelets file.

See also:

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As a temp hack you may call the JSF page from within an IFrame embedded in the JSP page.

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Make main.xhtml. Include jsp with OmniFaces resourceinclude.

So basically you make a dummy xhtml page and include jsp with omnifaces and jsf the normal jsf way.

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