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I have created a maven web project using the below site.

I have performed all the steps given there and executed a simple hello world program. Now, I have to include spring dependencies into my eclipse web project.



In the dependencies tag, I added the above configuration. Now, it is saying as below:

unable to find jars from the repositories (local and as well as remote)

It gave suggestion to execute the command:

mvn install -artifactid=springframework   (something like this)

But when I mentioned version as 2.5.6 it's correctly taken. Is it the problem with the version 3.1.2 being unavailable at maven repository? How do I get the latest versions if maven is not working properly for latest versions?

It also gave me the suggestion to go for manual download and put in local repository.

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See if answers here help. –  yorkw Sep 23 '12 at 3:05

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The Maven coordinates changed over time.



OR Try:


I'll just find if there is an all-in-one POM or dependency. But "spring-full" looks 1.2.x only and "spring" 2.5.x. CHECKED: Can't find one I've been using separate modules in all projects for sometime (this is better anyway, fine grained dependencies).

The location you can search is at

for 3.1.2 see

Spring have changed their repository URL and online locations at least 3 times to my knowledge over the past 4 years. So I'd look for current information on their website about setting up a Maven <repositories> config to obtain their JARs. Beware of articles with out of date information :(

Also notice the artifactId is different in the 2 example this is another gotcha issue with spring. The "org.springframework.core" are their EBR and OSGi compliant versions of their software. The "spring-core" is the older pre-OSGi co-ordinates. Find what works for you and don't mix them in the same project. For example I am using "spring-core" because I use 3.2.0.M2 which are Milestone releases. But the production release EBR co-ordinates are the best to use.

Sorry for so many edits... but it has been a minefield even if you understand the heritage of getting Spring Source software.

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