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When linking-out text, I save the graphics as Tiny-SVG, and embed the text-passage in a tspan element and wrap this tspan using the <a xlink:href="http://....">. It works but I would like to know more about alternatives, and pros/cons compared to using other elements such as groups: g.


  1. Is there a quick way to do this directly in Adobe Illustrator CS 4+ ?

  2. What do you use to make links? (markup-wise, that is)

Reference Code

  <text font-size="6">created by 
    <a xlink:href="https://github.com/..."><tspan>{APPNAME}</tspan></a>


W3C: 17.2 Links out of SVG content: the ‘a’ element

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  1. Don't know
  2. You can wrap any rendering svg elements in an <a> element, e.g if you want you can wrap the whole <text> element in it, or even include some shapes. It depends on what you want to make clickable.
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I recently tried to do this in Illustrator too, and found a good answer on the Graphic Design Stack Exchange forum. However, Illustrator seems a little buggy to me (check my comment there) when doing this. Further, I found that if I open and edit an existing svg in Illustrator, it didn't preserve the links when it saved out the revision.

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