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I have spreadsheet, want to get(Read) one cell data, through following link, I can able to add row, edit row, delete row, list of spreadsheets etc.. I can able to get all row information but i want to read only single cell data data, any one can give me syntax for that

I am using Python and Google App Engine

Thanks in advance


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You didn't read far enough in the docs.

Modified ever so slightly from the linked example:

query = gdata.spreadsheet.service.CellQuery()
query['min-col'] = '1'
query['max-col'] = '1'
query['min-row'] = '2'
query['max-row'] = '2'
feed = gd_client.GetCellsFeed(key, wksht_id, query=query)

retrieves the data in the cell in column 1, row 2.

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Hi Meredith, Thanks a lot , giving me answer for my query .. its working thank u verymuch Regards SK – SKSK Aug 19 '09 at 5:50

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