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I have problem with PASCAL.

In Javascript I could do:

window.b = 'hello';
var a = 'b';

/* And I can get variable b having only variable a */

console.log(window[a]); // output = hello

How can I get the same result in Pascal ?

Thanks for answers in advance :)

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Pascal is a strongly typed compiled language, you cannot do this kind of variable/type manipulation as easily as you would do it in JS or Python. It's just not something you do in Pascal. In particular, Pascal has no built-in reflection capabilities, so it cannot interpret its own source code to know that by the string 'b' you mean the variable called b in the window object.

It cannot declare a typeless variable either - all variables must have a type, so var a is out of the question, and the compiler won't try and guess what you need.

I don't see what you would achieve doing this. Pascal is not meant to be used in such a dynamic way, you should not try and bend the language to your will - use it as it's meant to be used for best results.

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Delphi and Free Pascal have some forms of RTTI, but that is mostly meant for streaming. Using the reflection that RTTI provides is a severe brake on performance though, so in general it is indeed better to avoid it. –  Marco van de Voort Sep 24 '12 at 10:48

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