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I created an empty project, with a visual studio msi installer. On install it just creates the folder and the exe file to the project.

But when i am trying to silent uninstall, it remove the installation from program list, but it leaves the folder. I need to remove the folder as well and want to do this without deleting it manually in code.

   // This is how to uninstall a basic msi app

        // Create the uninstall process.
        Process proc = new Process();

        // Define the parameters for the process
        proc.StartInfo.FileName = "msiexec.exe";

        // This is the Product Code from your Basic MSI InstallShield Project

        proc.StartInfo.Arguments = "/x" + " " + ProductCode + " " + "/qn";

        // Start the process.

        // Wait for the uninstall process to end.

        // Release resources.
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Instruct the MSI to output a log file using the /L logfile.txt command line option for msiexec. It should tell you why the uninstaller cannot remove the installation file. Possible causes include the folder being locked (requiring a reboot to remove) or file permissions on the folder preventing deletion. See Wix installer could not remove installation folder or Installshield, uninstalling program not removing all folders for more information.

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