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I am new to Facebook API. Trying the FQL Query from the Graph API for the first time using this link.

I am trying to get photos from the album with the album id. When I request using Facebook object with URL, I am getting the following response (before parsing to JSON object). {"id":"","shares":2}. And I confirmed it by printing the length of the JSON object after parsing, which is 2. When I copy and paste the same URL in the web browser, I am getting the expected response (the response in FQL Query I got). Here is my code.

public void onComplete(Bundle values) {
                    String token = facebook.getAccessToken();
                    System.out.println("Token: " + token);
                    try {
                        String response = facebook.request("");
                        System.out.println("response :"+response);
                        JSONObject obj = Util.parseJson(response);
                        System.out.println("obj length : " + obj.length());
                        Iterator iterator = obj.keys();
                            String s = (String);
                            System.out.println(""+s+" : "+obj.getString(s));

                    } catch (Throwable e) {

Note: I got access token from the FQL Query which is used in the URL. And I did not wrote any session (login/logout) logic as it is a test project.

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NEVER post your access tokens publicly. I've queued an edit removing that, but it'll be good if you can do that yourself. – Vinay S Shenoy Sep 22 '12 at 12:17
Thanks Vinay for your valuable suggestion and for the edit. – Aswin Sep 22 '12 at 14:46
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Your request is wrong. It should be


Replace the '&' after the photos with a '?'.

Two more things, you're making a Graph API query, not an FQL one.

Second, NEVER post your access tokens publicly. If I wanted to, I can now use your access token to edit your facebook information.

EDIT: When you use the Android Facebook SDK, you do not need to use the full graph path. Instead, use


You do not need to add the access token as the Facebook object already has it. Hope this helps.

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Thanks Vinay..That worked fine – Aswin Sep 24 '12 at 4:19

Because not much code has been provided except for the most relevant one, let me give you a couple of ways you can access Photos from an Album

FIRST METHOD (IF your wish to use the complete URL to make the request)

String URL = "" + YOUR_ALBUM_ID
        + "/photos&access_token="
        + Utility.mFacebook.getAccessToken() + "?limit=10";

try {

    HttpClient hc = new DefaultHttpClient();
    HttpGet get = new HttpGet(URL);
    HttpResponse rp = hc.execute(get);

    if (rp.getStatusLine().getStatusCode() == HttpStatus.SC_OK) {
        String queryPhotos = EntityUtils.toString(rp.getEntity());
        Log.e("PHOTOS RESULT", queryPhotos);
} catch (Exception e) {

SECOND METHOD (Without using the complete URL as @Vinay Shenoy mentioned earlier)

try {
    Bundle paramUserInfo = new Bundle();
    paramUserInfo.putString(Facebook.TOKEN, Utility.mFacebook.getAccessToken());

    String resultPhotos = Utility.mFacebook.request("YOUR_ALBUM_ID/photos", paramUserInfo, "GET");
    Log.e("PHOTOS", resultPhotos);
} catch (Exception e) {
    // TODO: handle exception

On a personal note, I follow the first method almost entirely through my application. It lets me using the Paging for endless ListViews

That being said, when I need some quick data in between somewhere, I do rely on the second method. Both of them work and I hope either (or both) of them helps you.

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Hi, I'm trying to do this, but this Utility.mFacebook.* isn't working, I need to create a class with this methods? – Daniel Nazareth Nov 20 '13 at 15:41

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