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Reading the SQLite documentation I notice that there are Pragmas that can return or set values. I would like to use Pragma table_info(tablename) and Pragma page_size. How do I execute this within a program to obtain the list of columns and page size respectively from the two pragmas ?


here is the code that will get the information, just thought that it might come in handy to someone

 Dim temp = New DataTable

    Using oMainQueryR As New SQLite.SQLiteCommand
        oMainQueryR.CommandText = ("PRAGMA table_info(yourtablename)")
        Using connection As New SQLite.SQLiteConnection(conectionString)
            Using oDataSQL As New SQLite.SQLiteDataAdapter
                oMainQueryR.Connection = connection
                oDataSQL.SelectCommand = oMainQueryR
            End Using
        End Using
    End Using

the resulting datatable has columns and information in rows.

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Just use that pragma as you would use a SELECT x FROM y statement.

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