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I am trying to get the airport data from ESNU/UMEA from this data file (Link)

I am trying to match everything after the words ESNU/UMEA and before the next airport listed (trying to match 'four letters' 'slash' 'more then three letters' to match the next airport identifier.

I have done many attempts and still not succeeded, any help is much appreciated.

My code so far:

$url = "http://www.lfv.se/AISInf2.asp?TextFile=idunesaavfr.txt&SubTitle=&T=Sverige%20VFR&Frequency=250";
$raw = file_get_contents($url);

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You need to escape the slash because your pattern is enclosed with slashes:


I also changed the single backslash to a double backslash, although not stricly necessary because PHP interprets a backslash before unknown characters as a literal backslash.
Furthermore I changed the [\s\S] to . which is equivalent.

You could also change the enclosing character to e.g. #:

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