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I'm trying to write a custom plugin for Cordova 2.0.0. The custom plugin that I want to make has to get the WP accent color, so I can use it in the app Style.

But I can't manage to make it work properly and can't figure it out what I'm doing wrong.


function onDeviceReady() {
function click() {
    navigator.notification.alert(callback, callback, "text", "button");


namespace Cordova.Extension.Commands
   // Use the phonegap base class
   public class GetTheme : BaseCommand 
     public void Get()
         Color currentColorHex = (Color)Application.Current.Resources["PhoneAccentColor"];
         var result = new PluginResult(PluginResult.Status.OK, currentColorHex.ToString());


window.getAccentColor = function () {
    cordova.exec(win, error, "GetTheme", "Get");

function win(result) {

function error() {

There a some things a bit strange that I've noticed. With the notification pop-up on the click action "2" is written in the output. But without it doesn't output anything.

In both cases result from the win function is still empty and doesn't output anything.

All the *.js files are included in the index.html file in the head section. The callback method from the notification is defined but it does nothing.

I've also tried with the WP7CordovaClassLib.Cordova.Commands namespace.

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From the Cordova documentation page,

// all JS callable plugin methods MUST have this signature!
// public, returning void, 1 argument that is a string

So, in your GetTheme.cs, change

     public void Get()


     public void Get(string options) 
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Thanks for your answer but unfortunately it didn't help. I removed some useless test code, and I noticed that my plugin isn't even called. –  sebastian Sep 25 '12 at 20:08

finding the answers to these questions will help you (and us) understand why your plugin is not being called....

  • Is onDeviceReady being called?
  • Is click being called?
  • This looks foreign to me "navigator.notification.alert(callback,
    callback, "text", "button");" what is that supposed to do
  • Does the output window of VS.NET show any JS errors that are
    preventing the rest of your js from executing?
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To answer your questions: -onDeviceReady is called -click is called -navigator.notification.alert() shows a WP7 style confirmation. -no errors shown in VS.NET or JS I've tried with different locations for the plugin and still nothing. I've managed to make it work by editing and existing plugin. There were a lot of things different from example on the PhoneGap site. –  sebastian Oct 1 '12 at 20:48
i have seen my plugin NOT get called if there is a namespace issue in the plugin name, i.e. the 3rd argument of cordova exec is wrong. I have also seen my plugin NOT Get called if there is NO value or bad values supplied for the options argument (the 5th argument) of cordova exec. –  DevilDog74 Oct 4 '12 at 20:12

The C# part of this looks identical to my plugin, so I think it's fine.

The javascript part is different however. Here's my complete plugin.js (Really simple plugin which fires up the create-new-sms task on Windows Phone, as it doesn't respond to navigation to sms: scheme's like iOS and Android)

function SMSComposer() {
    this.resultCallback = null;

SMSComposer.prototype.showSMSComposer = function (toRecipients, body) {

    var args = {};
    var smsComposerOk = function () { console.log("SMSComposer Called OK"); };
    var smsComposerError = function (error) { console.log("SMSComposer error:" + error); };
    if (toRecipients) {
        args.toRecipients = toRecipients;

    if (body) {
        args.body = body;

    Cordova.exec(smsComposerOk, smsComposerError, "SendSMS", "send", args);

SMSComposer.install = function () {
    console.log("SMSComposer being installed");
    if (!window.plugins) {
        window.plugins = {};
    window.plugins.SMSComposer = new SMSComposer();

    return window.plugins.SMSComposer;

and in my onDeviceReady() I have.....

    if (window.device && window.device.platform == "WinCE") {

I'm using Cordova 2.0. Make sure you are checking the console for log messages. If Cordova fails somewhere, something is logged.

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