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I registered x-lite to asterisk server (I am using VicidialNow CE 1.1 currently) from local ip. If i logg-in to GUI or agent interface in any campaign and make calls, all calls that are made are recorded automatically.

But, I am trying to figure out how to record all calls that are made from x-lite or any soft phone, without being logged-in in agent interface, just registering xlite to sip server. Doesnt matter whether the calls are made internal (with-in the pbx) or external (outbound calls).

Can any one please help me in this matter

Thanks in advance

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you have to change your incoming and outgoing dialplan to record calls. for record a call yo can use MixMonitor command : please see this: MixMonitor

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You can record any extension with the 'mixmonitor' dial plan function. For example

exten => ._,1,mixmonitor(youraudiopathandfilename)
same => n,dial(SIP/${exten}@yourpeer)
same => n,hangup

exten => h,hangup ;needed when using the above wild card expression
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