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I have a t-sql statement like Replace(field,'\''','\"') because i have two different results ''field1'' and "field2" but what if i consider those two different results the same and want to group them. I choose to group those two by replacing the first double quotes with the second style but although replaced they are not interpreted as the same type of quote.

What I am missing here??

Edited: I am trying to group data where text is the same but quotes differ, user is entering two single quotes ''hello'' and one double quote "hello", if I have this two rows I am trying to display them as one as "hello", so by executing the above statement I think I should be able to do this, but it isn't working properly even without slashes.

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could you elaborate a little? I'm at a complete loss for what you are asking and what your data looks like.... –  KM. Aug 10 '09 at 12:56

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look at this code:

DECLARE @X  varchar(20)
SET @X='''''Hello"'

PRINT REPLACE(@X,'''''','"')
PRINT REPLACE(REPLACE(@X,'''''',''''),'"','''')

here is the output:


SQL Server does not escape quotes with slashes, a single quote is escaped with another single quote. This will print one single qoute:

print ''''

this will print two single quotes:

print ''''''
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