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I recently migrated a subversion repository to a new server and I have a question about the following scenario:

1) Pre-migration: Local copy A was checked out from subversion server A.

2) Subversion server A was migrated to subversion server B. There are local changes in local copy A that weren't checked in prior to the migration.

3) Post migration: Is there a way for me to sync up local copy A with the new subversion server B? Or do I need to re-checkout from B and merge the local copies?

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I think that you have to grab checkout from B, copy the modifications and merge.
Also think that it's not a good idea to keep both servers. To have diferent servers may be a better choice to use a diferent product than SVN.

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You may try "svn relocate" to change working copy URL to the target repository. And then commit your changes.

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