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i want to display a textarea decribing the value of a node ( a graph project) but whenever i select the text it gets messy so i want it to be unsectable ! this is the code :

public class TransparentTextArea extends JTextArea {

String texte;

public TransparentTextArea(String texte) {
    this.texte = texte;
    this.setBackground(new Color(255, 0, 9, 0));
    this.setFont(new Font("Serif", Font.ITALIC, 24));
    this.setSize(new Dimension(200,100 ));


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Maybe setFocusable(false)? –  Joop Eggen Sep 22 '12 at 20:23

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It's somehow old question but for those who still care, disabling the JTextArea is not very helpful, mostly because of the gray color of the foreground. The best thing to do, is to nullify the highlighter:

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If you don't want to have the JTextArea selectable, then the simplest thing to do is to disable it:

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I agree with setEnabled(false) but setting the color is a bad idea. Depending on the look-and-feel, black might be a color that stands out. setEnabled false should be good enough. –  Steve Kuo Sep 22 '12 at 20:44

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