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I am developing a Backbone web application and I want to know that how can post data from the view
This is my Model:

App.Models.edit = Backbone.Model.extend({
    defaults : {
        id    : undefined,
        fname : undefined,
        lname : undefined,
        phone : undefined,
        address : undefined,
        email : undefined,
        url: undefined,

    initialize: function(){
        this.set({url : '../api/getOne/' + App.CurrentID });

    getAttrs: function(attr){
        return this.get(attr);

And this is my view:

App.Views.edit = Backbone.View.extend({
    el: $("#modal"),

    initialize: function(){
        App.TplNames.edit = $('body');
        this.model.bind("reset", this.render, this);

    events: {
        'click .btnSave': 'saveDetails',

    saveDetails: function(){;

    render: function(){
        var elem = '';
        $.each(this.model.models, function(i, k){
        var template = _.template( $('#tpl_edit').html(), k.toJSON() );
        elem += template;
        $("#myModal").on('hidden', function(){
        document.location.href = App.Url + '#view';
        var attrs = "";
        $.each(this.model.models, function(i, k){
        attrs = k.toJSON();

And it is my Router

App.Router = Backbone.Router.extend({
    routes: {
        ""      :   "def",
        "home"  :   "def",
        "view"  :   "getAll",
        "edit/:id"  :   "edit",
        "add"   :   "addContact",

    def: function(){
        this.mainModel = new App.Collections.Main();
        this.mainView  = new App.Views.Main({model: this.mainModel});

    edit: function(id){
        App.CurrentID = id;
        var contactCollObj = new App.Collections.edit();
        viewObj = new App.Views.edit({model: contactCollObj});

    getAll: function(){
        var collObj = new App.Collections.View();
        var viewObj = new App.Views.View({model: collObj});

    addContact: function(){
        //var model = new App.Collections.AddContact();
        model = new App.Models.AddContact();
        var view = new App.Views.AddContact({model: model});


var app = new App.Router(); Backbone.history.start();

And when I want to save the model, It generates an error: is not a function

Every thing is okay except the above...

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In your router you pass collection to App.Collections.edit view as model:

var contactCollObj = new App.Collections.edit();
viewObj = new App.Views.edit({model: contactCollObj});

That is why you cannot call save(). save() is only available for a model not a collection.

You probably want to initialize view with collection

viewObj = new App.Views.edit({collection: contactCollObj});

And then also modify some of your view code accordingly.

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