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I am using spring-data to communicate with mongodb,I am looking for a way to perform geo query which will retrieve near by profiles by given geo point from DB, my requirements from the query are:

1) limit by distance
2) limit by number of returned profiles
3) additional search according time field in the profiles document
4) the ability to include / exclude fields from the retrieved documents

At first I used mongoTemplate.geoNear method...

   Query criteria = new Query(Criteria.where("time").gte("some_date")); 
    NearQuery query = NearQuery.near(point).maxDistance(maxDistance)
    GeoResults<Profile> result = mongoTemplate
            .geoNear(query, Profile.class);<br/>

But then I realized that mongo does not support in including/excluding fields in geoNear queries.
So I am thinking about Near query, it seems that the only way to perform that kind of "complex" query in spring-data is by using @Query annotation,is there a way to support requirements 2,3 above in that kind of query? any other way ?

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have you found any solution? –  gabby Nov 14 '14 at 15:10

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