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Does anyone here know anything about the license for the icons in SQL Server Manager?

I would like to use one of them in my application, but have not yet found anything about the licensing for this stuff.

Anyone dealt with this before? Maybe I should contact Microsoft and get a written permission .)

best regards Ola

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Visual Studio 2008 ships with and image library that is a set of standard icons that you are free to use in your own applications. Both Brad Abrams and Somasegar have blogged about them in the past. They live in the Common7 directory inside Visual Studio's installation directory.

Have a look in there and see if the one you are thinking of is in there. If so, you can use it without a problem.

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You would need to get permission to use them as they fall under copyright - see here for more info. Unless your usage meets one of their exclusions you'll need to get their permission.

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