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I cannot get my dataset to recognise a parameter supplied to it. I have created a report parameter "ProjectID". (In Report Parameter Properties, Name="ProjectID", Prompt="ProjectID").

In Dataset Properties|Parameters, Parameter Name="ID", Parameter Value="[@ProjectID]".

When I click on the Filter button in Query Designer, the "Projects with" panel says: "? ID equals (unspecified)".

But when I run the query I'm not prompted to enter a parameter value, and multiple rows are returned.

I should stress that I'm simply trying to replicate the functionality of a pre-existing report where all this works exactly as expected.

When I diff the rdl files of the two reports there are obvious differences, and I can hack the xml (of the semantic query) so that it works, but I don't really have the understanding of why it's working, or how to replicate the necessary changes via the GUI.

Can someone please give me some pointers - preferably without referring me to the documentation as I've been through this numerous times as well!!

Thanks in advance, Peter.

p.s. I can post some of the rdl differences if that will help, but wanted to keep my initial post clear and to the point.

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OK, so what you need to do is when in the Filter screen of the Query designer, assuming you've already specified a filter in the main pane, such as: "ID equals (unspecified)"

You need to click on "ID" and a context menu appears with "Edit as Formula", "Prompt" and "Remove Condition".

Select "Prompt", and there you go.

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