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I basically have an edit profile page that along with other fields has a option to upload a picture. Now the problem I have is determining wether or not they submitted a file or left it blank(default).

My current code:

if($this->input->post('user_pic') === FALSE)
        //Don't do anything.
    } else {
        //Proccess upload.

The form is done correctly with multi-part and all, and other values do update, so I am assuming that this exact code that isn't working.

The problem is that even if I do submit a file it remains just like it was, or another words doesn't do anything. Am I doing this wrong?

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If it's a file, it wouldn't be in the $_POST array. –  Waleed Khan Sep 22 '12 at 22:47
please accept some answers. –  Jordan Arseno Sep 23 '12 at 0:32

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you can check so: if(isset($_FILES['user_pic']))

CodeIgniter method:


if ($this->upload->do_upload('user_pic'))
  //errors display $this->upload->display_errors()

CodeIgniter File Uploading Class

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