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I'm using the jquery-ui-map plugin and my test page (test.html) loads a Google Map correctly when I click the button. This SAME test.html don't work if a load it from another jquery mobile page. What I'm doing bad or what I'm missing? Next the significant code:

Javascript in the header (like in the example for the basic map):

var mobileDemo = { 'center': '57.7973333,12.0502107', 'zoom': 10 };
$('#basic_map').live('pageinit', function() {
  demo.add('basic_map', function() {
      'center': mobileDemo.center, 
      'zoom': mobileDemo.zoom,
      'callback': function() {
    var self = this;
    self.addMarker({'position': this.get('map').getCenter() }).click(function() {
      self.openInfoWindow({ 'content': 'Hello World!' }, this);

$('#basic_map').live('pageshow', function() {
  demo.add('basic_map', function() { $('#map_canvas').gmap('refresh'); }).load('basic_map');

And the html (sorry, I can't post the HTML code because it's interpretatded, but the link is below):


As I said, this works perfect if I write test.html in the browser directly but if comes from another page:


it simply ignores a "click" or touching the button to show the map. Thanks in advance for your help.

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One problem I see in your code is the use of live. It is recommended to replace live with on.

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