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How to check Queue's length in python?

I dont see they provide Queue.lenght in python....


from collections import deque
queue = deque(["Eric", "John", "Michael"])

how to check the length of this queue?

and can we initialize like

queue= deque([])   #is this length 0 queue?
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Did you try len(queue)? That's usually how Python handles element counts. –  mjgpy3 Sep 22 '12 at 23:25

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len(queue) should give you the result, 3 in this case.

Specifically, len(object) function will call object.__len__ method [reference link]. And the object in this case is deque, which implements __len__ method (you can see it by dir(deque)).

queue= deque([])   #is this length 0 queue?

Yes it will be 0 for empty deque.

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