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I am trying to open a floating panel, using onClick event, it opens fine but shows this error in the console, this.onClick is not a function.

If I close the floating panel and then try to a reopen, it won't open again and I keep receiving the same error in the console.

This is my application. You can see a floating panel emerge when you click on the Layers button in the toolbar.

This is the main function that is opening the FLoating Panel,

function addFloatingPanel() {
    var fp = new dojox.layout.FloatingPane({
        title: "Layers",
        resizeable: true,
        dockable: false,
        closable: true,
        style: "position:absolute; top:0; left:50px; width:245px; height: 175px; z-index: 100; visibility: hidden;",
        id: 'floater'
    }, dojo.byId('floater'));
    if (dojo.byId('floater').style.visibility === 'hidden') {
    } else {
        dojo.byId('floater').style.visibility = 'hidden'

Where am I going wrong? Also, the floating panel is visible in firefox but not in chrome!!

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Needed to create the dojo.connect function

<div data-dojo-type="dijit.form.Button" id="searchTool" >Search</div>

for onclick event,

searchTl = dojo.byId('searchTool');
dojo.connect(searchTl, "onclick", openSrFp);

and add this function,

var fp = dojo.byId('floater');
            if ("hidden") {
            } else {
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