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I have a PHP page like this:

... Some PHP code here ...
            ... Some JavaScript code here ...
            <?= $someVariable ?>
            ... Some more JavaScript code here ...

The thing is that the code:

<?= $someVariable ?>

Appears unchanged in the resulting HTML: its not executed or rendered. However, the initial PHP section executes normally (I verified this fact by adding "echo" calls in the first PHP block).

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Since PHP 5.4.0, <?= is always available. – Lawrence Cherone Sep 22 '12 at 23:34
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Use full syntax <?php ... ?>

If you have PHP lower than 5.4 you can enable in php.ini shorttag set "short_open_tag" to "On"

From PHP 5.4 you can use shortags, regardless of shorttags settings

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You're using a feature called Short Tags, which is often disabled by default. Replace those tags with <?php print $someVariable ?> or enable short tags.

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<?php echo $someVariable; ?>
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