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This is actually two questions:

  1. If i expose my SQLite as a ContentProvider in my application it will work in an asynchronous fashion ?

  2. Imagine i have the following tables in my database:

TableChats TableChatMessages

and i also have a class Message

To work with ListViews and have those list views use data from the ContentProvider must that data returned be a Cursor ? or is it possible to query for all messages in a chat and return an array of Message. Sorry i know this may be a dumb question but i'm new to android development and the concept of ContentProvider and ListViews and how to connect them isn't quite yet clear to me.

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To my knowledge

  1. A content provider manages access to a central repository of data which shared between multiple applications. Normally all methods access the data work on the UI thread. If you want asynchronous, they suggest to use CursorLoader.
  2. You can query all messages, get data from Cursor and put to your Message object.


       Cursor sampleCursor = getContentResolver().query("Your query");
    ArrayList<Message> list;
        Message item = new Message();

        item.sender = sampleCursor.getString(senderColumnIndex);
        item.messageBody= sampleCursor.getString(messageBodyColumnIndex);
//Pass your list to your adapter.

Or directly pass your cursor using CursorAdapter

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