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I usually see that people, in the Internet, don't writes the at symbol (@) for their e-mail accounts or similar.

They do things like this: "my_username(AT)domain(DOT)com", and not ""

Do you know why is it? I've investigated a lot and I could't find any answer. Thanks :D

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This is just a way of preventing spam (for robots that scans emails with an @ symbol).

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Simple: they are trying to protect their e-mails from autmatic collection by robots in attempt to protect themselves from SPAM

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A lot of simple bots on the internet farm emails from various websites. When they are in their simplest form (e.g. they are easily picked up. By changing some parts of it, such as the @ to (AT) can help to prevent such bots realising it is an email address.

However - most bots are smarter, and you would need to go to further measures to protect your email address on a website, such as cloaking it with JavaScript.

Lots of examples on email cloaking via JavaScript can be found here:

Hope that answers your question :-).

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This is because of spam bots. In general they're programmed to scan the web looking for email addresses, generally written with the @ symbol, that they include in some database used for spam bombing. This is a easy-to-do first attempt to reduce spam mails.. :D

(Best techniques for safe email posting on the net are made with Javascript)

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