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I have a phonegap app that requires I capture the back button. This works swimmingly but when I am at the main screen and the back button is pressed I want to call the original event handler and let the app close or do whatever comes naturally to the platform with such a press. I know I can tell the app to quit but understand this is bad form for iPhone apps.

No matter what I try (and I have tried many things) I cannot get the original handler to fire. Any advice?

In my code I have a switch statement inside my backbutton event handler that directs the app as needed to the effect of:

switch blahBlah
    case 'this' :
        doThis() ;
    case 'main' :
        // What do I do here that is well behaved for all platforms??? 
        doFoo() ;
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How would the backbutton handler fire in the iPhone if there is no hardware back button? Once you think about that, you can forget about handling it for the iPhone and handle it for Android and WP7. Read the Phonegap docs about the event and see which platforms it applies to.… – praneetloke Sep 24 '12 at 20:58
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Detect whenever you land on the main screen and remove your custom event handler.

document.removeEventListener( "backbutton", function(){}, false );

and add the event listener on the other pages (or sections).

document.addEventListener( "backbutton", OverrideBackButton, false );

Hope that helps.

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This is what I've used and it seems to work fine for my needs

        function pageinit() {
            document.addEventListener("deviceready", deviceInfo, true);

        function deviceInfo() {
            document.addEventListener("backbutton", onBackButton, true);

        function onBackButton(e) {
                var activePage = $.mobile.activePage.attr('id');

                if(activePage == 'Options'){
                } else if(activePage == 'Popup'){
                } else if(activePage == 'HomePage'){

                function checkButtonSelection(iValue){
                    if (iValue == 2){

                    "Are you sure you want to EXIT the program?",
                    'EXIT APP:',
                } else {
            } catch(e){ console.log('Exception: '+e,3); }

Hope this helps...

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An easy and smooth way to do it could be something like this, this statement worked in my case:



I am using jQuery:

regards :)

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