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I am trying to load into my Android app the class file to be able to directly call MySQL jdbc:mysql://my_server/my_database rather than do JSON, XMLRPC, or something similar through PHP or another web service. This seems like a step backward for security especially to setup a website that receives and then returns JSON or other data handlers before the Android app gets the data it requested.

What I really want to do is find a way to include the mysql-connector-java-x.yy.zz-bin.jar in my app so I can use the JDBC Driver Manager calls.
 - Is this possible?
   - If not why not?
 - Where do I include the mysql-connector-java-x.yy.zz-bin.jar file in my Android app (using Eclipse)?

Jeff Means

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Here is someone response: – MrHIDEn Jul 29 '13 at 20:26

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