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I am thinking of making an enum for my permissions types instead of storing them all as true or false values in db.

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        Test addEdit = Test.AddEdit;
        bool hasEdit = addEdit.HasFlag(Test.Edit);
        bool hasAdd = addEdit.HasFlag(Test.Add);
        bool hasDelete = addEdit.HasFlag(Test.Delete);

    public enum Test
        Add = 0,
        Edit = 1,
        Delete = 2,
        AddEdit = Add | Edit

So I made this. The funny thing that I found is that addEdit varaible shows only the value of "Edit" when looking at it through the VS debugger. At first I thought it was not storing both values.

I used the hasFlag method and sure enough it knows about both values.

So is it a bug or what?

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MSDN mentions that all values in enums with [Flags] should be in powers of 2 (i.e. 1,2,4,8.....).

You can assign 0 if you have a 'None' enumeration.

Check the section titled "Guidelines for FlagsAttribute and Enum" in [Flags] documentation.

When you OR a value with zero (0), result will be the same value again. So, in your case, 'AddEdit' will result in to '1' which represents 'Edit' in the 'Test' enum.

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AddEdit== Edit == 1. So debugger does not know if you want to convert 1 to "Edit" or "AddEdit".

Most likely you want

public enum Test 
    None = 0,
    Add = 1, 
    Edit = 2, 
    Delete = 4, 
    AddEdit = Add | Edit 
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