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I'm familiar with the typical development server stack:

  1. SVN
  2. Trac
  3. Jenkins/Hudson

Now I'm looking for something that can handle distributed version control (I'm leaning towards Mercurial).

Of course, if I can have all the perks of the above stack, that'd be great!

  • Platform agnostic (clients run on Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Language/technology agnostic (i.e. Java and .NET compilation)
  • Server is platform agnostic (CI and Wiki can run on any server)
  • IDE integration for the above platforms (Eclipse, Visual Studio, etc.)
  • Slices, dices, and makes thousands of julienne fries!

If I should cross-post on StackOverflow, let me know.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Redmine is my preferred FOSS solution. Tie it all together with a Hudson to Redmine plugin, and Redmine to Hudson plugin.

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