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Does anyone know what format this data is?



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Where did you find it? – random Aug 10 '09 at 13:34
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It's base64 encoded XML:

  <SIP uid="5373A691-6D9F-57A7-B93B-F6B98CB400C9" id="F8500C77-9D46-A829-A401-F6B98CA0157E" uvID="a6036582-237b-4349-9cd9-735bf5fd0156"/>
  <SIP uid="FE8C89E0-DC1C-41EA-3AC7-0433BD4D21EB" id="84264E6F-8FCE-21D4-D010-F4C503BD7653" uvID="cf56df18-8e5d-4e45-bd21-050c6c94f2ea"/>
  <SIP uid="C6540E6A-4343-D4D8-A0B6-0433CECC2089" id="21EF5EA2-F0D3-E898-1817-F4C8D3EB4DE7" uvID="4464f607-83e0-498c-8abe-b45b5409f008"/>
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+1: Probably correct. – Greg D Aug 10 '09 at 13:32
You can decode it with: byte[] ba = Convert.FromBase64String(str); – redcalx Aug 10 '09 at 14:02

Most probably pure Base-64. It doesn't have line breaks in it, unlike Base-64 encoding used in emails. You can find the details in RFC 3548.

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