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Can anyone tell me why I'm getting absolutely nothing in behaviour when I make a call to loadObjectsAtResourcePath? Nothing in the logs, none of the delegates that I define on my class are called at all.

    RKObjectMapping* roundMapping = [RKObjectMapping mappingForClass:[Round class]];
        [roundMapping mapKeyPath:@"Id" toAttribute:@"id"];
        [roundMapping mapKeyPath:@"Name" toAttribute:@"name"];
        [roundMapping mapKeyPath:@"Description" toAttribute:@"description"];
        [roundMapping mapKeyPath:@"NumberOfPlayers" toAttribute:@"numberOfPlayers"];
        [roundMapping mapKeyPath:@"PlayerLimit" toAttribute:@"playerLimit"];
        [roundMapping mapKeyPath:@"Url" toAttribute:@"url"];

        [[RKObjectManager sharedManager].mappingProvider addObjectMapping:roundMapping];

        [RKObjectManager sharedManager].client.baseURL = [RKURL URLWithString:@"http://69.999.150.71:1023/service/"];

        [[RKObjectManager sharedManager] loadObjectsAtResourcePath:@"/lobby2" delegate:self];

        //[RKClient clientWithBaseURLString:@"http://69.999.150.71:1023/service/"];

        //[[RKClient sharedClient] get:@"/lobby?format=JSON" delegate:self];
    return self;

- (void)objectLoader:(RKObjectLoader *)objectLoader didFailWithError:(NSError *)error
    UIAlertView *alert = [[[UIAlertView alloc] initWithTitle:@"Error" message:[error localizedDescription] delegate:nil cancelButtonTitle:@"OK" otherButtonTitles:nil] autorelease];
    [alert show];
    NSLog(@"Hit error: %@", error);

- (void)request:(RKRequest *)request didLoadResponse:(RKResponse *)response
    NSLog(@"Loaded payload: %@", [response bodyAsString]);

- (void)objectLoader:(RKObjectLoader *)objectLoader didLoadObjects:(NSArray *)objects
    NSLog(@"Loaded: %@", objects);
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is the parent object defined as the delegate so it can response to the method calls? –  clopez Sep 23 '12 at 20:08

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In your @interface are you using <RKObjectLoaderDelegate> ? ObjectLoader won't get messaged unless that is implemented.

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