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So I have the following code

    base = "INSERT INTO " + table + " ("
    lineCount = 0
    tableFieldNames = dataArray['titleRow']

    **for titleRow as tableFieldNames:**
        if some_list[-1] == titleRow:
            base = base + titleRow
            base = base + titleRow + ","

    base = base + ") VALUES "

where the bolded part gives an error "Invalid Syntax" and pypex's eclipse plugin gives a bit more verbose "Excepted:in" for the bolded text. What is throwing me is what that refers too. I've included a : at the end of the for loop declaration, and the array that it refers too is valid. Plus I have a for loop after this block of code that gives no such strange error.

Has anyone ran into such a thing, and found a way to resolve it (and even to make the parse errors more verbose?)

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It should be for titleRow in tableFieldNames: (in, not as).

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Interesting. My research didn't net that there would could be a variance in what could be used there. Lousy search skills. –  canadiancreed Sep 23 '12 at 4:09

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