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I'm learning to use textures in CUDA through simple examples. I tried the following example but it is not working. It is showing value 0.

#include "cuPrintf.cu"
texture<int,1,cudaReadModeElementType> ref;
__global__ void kernel(int *a)  
    int b=tex1D(ref,0);  
    cuPrintf("value is %d",b);  


int main()  
    int *a;  
    cudaChannelFormatDesc bit = cudaCreateChannelDesc<int>();  
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This code isn't complete and contains no API error checking at all. Please try a little harder when posting questions. –  talonmies Sep 23 '12 at 5:04

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You have allocated memory by using the cudaMalloc function. If you bind texture to the memory allocated with cudaMalloc, it is accessed using the function tex1Dfetch() inside the kernel. Using tex1D will return zeros.

But if you bind texture to the memory allocated by cudaMallocPitch or to cudaArray, then it is accessed using tex1D or tex2D functions inside the kernel.

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