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I'm trying to decide whether to use Magento or create my own platform and I was wondering about security. Does Magento's code include some sort of brute force protection? If not, is this not something important?

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The benefit of going with a widely-used platform is that it constantly being used and tested in the wild. Rolling your own means that you will be the only tester and very easily could miss some things, even things besides brute force. –  benmarks Sep 23 '12 at 20:19
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The only brute-force protection Magento has is in case of gift cards. When throwing exception there, Magento obscures real exception message (but puts it in logs) and shows 'Wrong gift card code' message instead.

When it comes to login forms, Magento has no brute force protection.

If this is an important factor for you when deciding whether use Magento or write your own platform, remember that you could write your own Magento module that introduces some brute force protection. This would be way less time-consuming than writing own platform with functionalities similar to Magento.

I did a quick search on the Magento Connect and found one extension that, among other things, provides brute force protection. Here it is: http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/market-ready-germany.html. You can download it using Freegento website and look into the code for clues on how to make something similar.

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