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conn = MySQLdb.connect(hostip, username, password, dbname)
cur = conn.cursor()
tablename = raw_input("Choose your table name: ")
if tablename:
cur.execute("SELECT * FROM %s" % tablename)
rows = cur.fetchall()

desc = cur.description
fields = [j[0] for j in desc]

for row in rows:
    for kword in dust:
        for fs in fields:
            cur.execute("SELECT * FROM %s WHERE %s LIKE '%%s%'" % (tablename, fs, kword))


Like the simple code, i want to pass the params use %% PlaceHolder in mysqldb, but it doesn't worked, can somehelp me with that sentence? '%%s%' , first and last '%' is sql syntax that use 'like' THANKS VERY MUCH !

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There are two ways of format string using %s and {} show example as below:

print "key:%(key)s value:%(value)s" % {"key":"key1","value":"value1"}
print "{{keep me}} key:{key} value:{value}".format(**{"key":"key1","value":"value1"})

To solve your problem:

>>> "SELECT * FROM {tablename} WHERE {field} LIKE '%{keyword}%'".format(**{"tablename":"UserTable","field":"NameField","keyword":"Wuliang"})
"SELECT * FROM UserTable WHERE NameField LIKE '%Wuliang%'"
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I'll try it, thank you very much – Hisone Nightmare Sep 23 '12 at 5:34

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