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Hi, I am using the following query but it does not work,

SELECT strftime('%m',Since) AS Month FROM Dates

Type of Since column is DATETIME, but the result is shown an empty Month column without any error.

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strftime isn't broken, it just doesn't understand the format of the datestamps in your database.

SQLite version 3.7.9 2011-11-01 00:52:41
sqlite> create table dates (id int, d datetime);
sqlite> insert into dates (id,d) values (1, date('now'));
sqlite> insert into dates (id,d) values (2, 'bad date');
sqlite> insert into dates (id,d) values (3, NULL);
sqlite> insert into dates (id,d) values (4, datetime('now'));
sqlite> select * from dates;
2|bad date
4|2012-09-23 04:31:36
sqlite> select id, strftime('%m', d) from dates;
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