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I'm trying to build a PHP server(i'll call it here server1) , that works as a middle server between another web server (server2) and clients.

The reason I'm doing that, I want to hide the API Key I'm using to access the server2 from server1. Also, I want to decrease number of calls to server2.

My question is, How can I do something that caches the calls from server1 to server2? Is there a module or something to use in PHP? I don't want each call from the clients to produce a call to server2.

another requirement is to cache the feeds from server2 for 5 minutes only.

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Could Varnish be an alternative? https://www.varnish-cache.org/

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Using a proper caching proxy is definitely preferable if possible. However, OP mentions I want to hide the API Key I'm using to access the server2 from server1 which may complicate things a little. Depending on how the API call is constructed, it may nor may not be trivial to inject the API key in varnish. – Frank Farmer Sep 24 '12 at 18:36

What you want it a PHP proxy, such as:


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This solution is simpler: http://www.theukwebdesigncompany.com/articles/php-caching.php

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