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Say I have things in database with this schema:

    tags: [String]

I have tags array like this: ["tag1", "tag2"]
now I need to search in things and get only those which contains my tags.

I've searched and found the $where operator here but it's not what I need. I was wondering there should be something like
db.things.find( { $where: "this.tags.contains(<my tags somehow>)" } ); in mongo or something like this in mongoose. Any ideas?

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You want $all.

Here are a couple of examples from mongoose:

On a side note, $where is typically not scalable.

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thanks!!! this is what I need – shift66 Sep 23 '12 at 6:03

MongoDB query syntax allows you to match an element array like that:

.find( { tags: 'tag1' } )

And, of course, it's working with Mongoose :)


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