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My application needs to write an Xml File, for which I have an XmlSchema. Because the file can be very large, I think it would be problematic to use the XmlSerializer together with the classes that were generated by xsd.exe.

I know I could use XmlWriter to write an arbitrary big Xml File, but that would mean that I have to manually write out every element and every attribte, which is prone to errors.

Is there a tool which can generate a "schema specific" XmlWriter class which helps me avoid errors? Or, at least, one that throws anexception immediately when I write something illegal? Are there any other approaches I am not aware of?


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How large is "very large"? –  Jon Skeet Sep 23 '12 at 6:23
It's hard to say, because it depends on the number of items which the user selects, but I guess up to 500 megs. –  user1691896 Sep 23 '12 at 6:32

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One option would be to write it out without validation, and then have an extra step which reads it again using the schema (using XmlReader to read through, without ever actually remembering anything in memory). That step could be optional - initially always do it, then when you believe you've got any bugs out, you can eventually turn it off to improve performance. (Possibly leave the code in so you can turn it on again easily.)

Of course you shouldn't use this as your only check - unit tests should help to stop you from even getting that far :)

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