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Is there are way to fetch location/coordinate specific public posts using the facebook search api ( ...)? I want this to be a general search query, without any user authorization.

I tried using,-122.427&distance=1000&access_token=... , but this requires access_token and returns objects(not posts) posted only by friends of the user whose access token is used for querying.

I also tried,77.5833&distance=1000&access_token=[I-USED-ANY-ACCESS-TOKEN], but I dont think this is giving me the location specific results as I am not receiving any loc info in the json response.

Are there any free data sources/APIs that can provide me location/coordinate/ip specific posts/data/tweets/feeds, etc from the web / social networking websites?

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It is possible to walk the FB graph to get such places and their coordinates for types like event, place, checkin. For example:

Search (link):

Then pick one of the results and do (link):

Then lookup the venue id's coordinates (link):

Check the FQL table definitions to verify that location coordinates are provided.

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The accepted answer doesn't really answer the question.

The answer is no, there isn't a way to search for general posts by location (excluding your friends). It's probably to protect user privacy.

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