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According to the SVG 1.2 standard, support is now offered for icc-color specfication (according to this link: spec for SVG 1.2

I tried it with the following... this is the entire file, two circles, both should be green

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <parent xmlns=""
       <svg:svg width="400" height="200" version="1.2">
          <svg:ellipse cx="100" cy="100" rx="100" ry="100" 
            fill="rgb(0,255,0)" />
          <svg:ellipse cx="300" cy="100" rx="100" ry="100" 
            fill="rgb(0,255,0) device-cmyk(0.11, 0.48, 0.83, 0.00)" />

However, when I try to view it with IE9 or Chrome, the second circle is black. The only thing that renders both circles as green is GIMP 2 (of what I've tried so far).

The RGB is supposed to be the fallback color... does adding the CMYK part just mess it up so badly for a browser that it's unusable? Or am I doing something wrong?

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If you look at the top of the document, you'll see SVG 1.2 is a working draft from 2009. It was never completed and no browser ever implemented it.

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