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This is just something I looking to do - plz let me know if I'm going about it wrong.

Building a Dating Network and I need to open a chat/messenger box when required for 2 users to chat.

The chat box will basically be a DIV with required HTML/CSS/IMGs & user specific data - including jquery ui to allow movability.

Question - i'm looking for the best way to load these chat boxes.

I was planning on including the core HTML/CSS with the default page load with display:none; Then I could clone this code and create a new chat box.

Cloneing isn't something I've done before. Was interested to try it. I guess I could read and reuse the code with jquery.

Any advise with this?


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Regarding your question on cloning please refer to the jQuery documentation , have a good read and start implementing your application. Regarding i'm looking for the best way to load these chat boxes., that question is to general and not a good fit for Q&A. Start implementing something you feel is right and then come back with specific questions on specific issues you are facing during implementation. – François Wahl Sep 23 '12 at 9:30
no worries - question was premature... thankyou... :) learning... – Adam Sep 23 '12 at 9:31
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$(function () {
  var appendme = $("#element").html();




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