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I use DataTable/DataAdapter architecture to mediate between the database and my model objects. I have two tables in my db and two dataGridView in two windows forms. At first, I call GetData method to fill my first dataGridView. It is filled successfully. Then I change any field in it and call UpdateTableChanges. Changed rows are added to db successfully too. Then I call GetData again to fill second dataGridView, but no rows are returned. Also there isn't any error during calling GetData the second time. But when I don't call UpdateTableChanges and call GetData the second time all rows are returned. There is some problem after UpdateTableChanges method. Feeling that this method changes some data in my _adapter. All parameters in all methods are correct, because rows are returned if I don't call UpdateTableChanges. What need I change to get rows after adapter updates db? Any help will be great. I delete try/catch blocks for better understanding.

class DBModel 
    private readonly string _connectionString;
    private MySqlDataAdapter _adapter;
    private MySqlConnection _connection;

    public DBModel()
        _connectionString = "SERVER = localhost; DATABASE = transportation; USER ID = root;";
        _connection = new MySqlConnection(_connectionString); 
        _adapter = new MySqlDataAdapter(String.Empty, _connection);

    public BindingSource GetData(string selectCommand)
        var bindingSource = new BindingSource();

        var commandBuilder = new MySqlCommandBuilder(_adapter);
        var table = new DataTable();
        bindingSource.DataSource = table;

        return bindingSource;

    public void UpdateTableChanges(BindingSource bindingSource, string selectCommand)

    private void SetMySqlSelectCommand(string selectCommand)
        var mySqlCommand = _connection.CreateCommand();
        mySqlCommand.CommandText = selectCommand;
        _adapter.SelectCommand = mySqlCommand;
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