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I need to iterate over the input splits more than once. The reason I need this is beyond the scope of this question. Let's suppose I just need it (A brief explanation would be that I need to use the input split more than once to populate a data structure and the split might be large enough so that it cannot be accommodated in memory after the first iteration through it)

I suppose I could do a number of tricks such as extending the FileInputFormat and the RecordReader to serve the split a number of times but I was wondering if there is any "standard" way of doing it in Hadoop. I'm not aware of any standard method of achieving this in Hadoop but probably I missed something.

Any ideas ?

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What do you want to do to and with that data structure during one of the multiple passes through the splits? (Lookup, update, etc.)

Have you tried parallel-izig that action with some earlier hadoop jobs, perhaps even some pig scripts?

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To be more precise I'm building a regression tree out of the data in the split. Building a regression tree out of data which doesn't reside in memory means passing multiple times through the data. I want to do it locally, only in the map side of only one MR job. Each mapper learns one tree! –  Razvan Sep 23 '12 at 11:23
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