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sorry if I'm posting inappropriate subject.

I would like to ask about a certain widget found on http://www.lyrics007.com/Calvin%20Harris%20Lyrics/I%20Need%20Your%20Love%20Lyrics.html

Whenever you scroll down a "Be sure to like this song!" pop-up slides out of the bottom. I would like to adapt that widget to my website too but I don't know how to do that. I tried to Google some terms "content slider, etc." but with no avail. Also I tried to inspect element but I didn't got very far with that either. Does anyone know how I would install this on my Tumblr blog?

Thank you.

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Its called floating sidebar

Here's a jQuery tutorial on how to create floating side bar / menu :

tutorials at netuts

and a demo:

Demo of floating div tutorials at netuts

you can expand the size of the div based on the user's interaction just similar to http://www.lyrics007.com/Calvin%20Harris%20Lyrics/I%20Need%20Your%20Love%20Lyrics.html

If you are not interested to build your own you can use this jquery plugin

Floating side bar

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Thank you! Definitely helpful! –  user1632726 Sep 23 '12 at 10:37

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