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I want to put the a server under apache_basic authentication, I added HTTP auth to the root of the server using this

<Location />
   AuthType Basic
   AuthName "Authentication"
   AuthBasicProvider file
   AuthUserFile /etc/authdb
   Require valid-user

now this works fine, and it authenticate everyone in.

now I have uploadify which is flash, and used to upload images to the server. So as this is flash, the requests sent to the server get 401 errors, and I want to do the authentication expect the uploadify URLs.

I added more configs to the httpd.conf which is this

<Location */UploadifyForm/*>
   AuthType None
   Require all granted

but this doesnt work, any one knows a solution for this please ?

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You should use LocationMatch instead. Location is used for specific path. This might work for you:

    <LocationMatch UploadifyForm>
         AuthType None
         Require all granted
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