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Is it easy to get the current LIST of mobile phone users under a particular tower(cell-id) from the Home Location Register, does the network operators or service providers have mapping of location information to a particular cell like latitude ,longitude.

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You will not get this information from the HLR.

Obviously operators know where their own cells are but it's often considered business intelligence and not public information.

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..I agree with you, what i wanted to ask is if 1).When ever a MSC receives an sms from a mobile can that MSC query the HLR to get the cell-id of that mobile which had sent the sms?? 2).Can the MSC use FORWARD_MESSAGE option by itself... – someonespecial Nov 7 '12 at 7:46

To get actual cell id of a mobile phone form HLR/VLR - you should use SS7 signaling commands: sendRoutingInfoForSM and provideSubscriberInfo

To ged cell id latitude/longitude - you can use services like or

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