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Currently, I can push my repositories to CentOS server (example.com) through ssh to /var/lib/mercurial-server/repos/SOMEREPO using hgadmin. Is there a way to access SOMEREPO via example.com/SOMEREPO ?

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There are a lot of ways how you can publish your repositories.

If you're familiar with apache, the probably simplest solution is to use hgweb.cgi which is a cgi script that comes with the mercurial distribution.

An in-depth step-by-step guide how to setup hgweb can be found at the mercurial wiki . Since you mentioned CentOS, you probably want to check out the hgweb setup guide for RHEL4.

If you're looking for more complete web-based tools to manage your repositories you may want to look into SCM-Manager or RhodeCode.

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What I mean wasn't a "Repository manager with web interface". What I meant was web PAGE which can be accessed via domain.com and pushed/pulled as a repository and updated at the same time. :/ It's almost working for me now, but the problem is that the HOOK doesn't execute line "changegroup = hg update" but every other line works. –  user1692257 Sep 26 '12 at 18:35

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